Is there life on Mars?
2012-12-24 19:57:29 UTC
I don't mean like Aliens you see in Hollywood movies, i mean microorganisms
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2012-12-24 21:23:19 UTC
There is no clear cut answer but recent discoveries by the rover "Curiosity" Has revealed recently running water and traces of methane gas seeping from the ground that could point to possible organic decay.
2012-12-24 20:38:34 UTC
There is a rover currently in Mars, the rover Curiosity. Thus far there is no definitive detection of Martian organics, but the NASA team working with the rover Curiosity continue to look. Read the latest news in the first link below, and play "Let's go to Mars" on the second link.
2012-12-24 20:06:43 UTC
It's possible, but there's no confirmed proof.

The current Mars Rovers aren't capable of looking for life. However a few years into the future, rovers will be sent there to analyse the soil where oceans used to lay.
2012-12-24 20:51:46 UTC
The real question is not "is" it's "was" signs of life was found on mars and mars used to be a habitual place. Signs of water was found and the temperatures are not that different then ours (except for the super storms). So "Was there life on Mars?" yes i believe so.
2012-12-24 20:18:50 UTC
There is no life on Mars.

Unless there is life that can survive the minus 100 Celsius of night time,


that can live in the near vacuum of Mars atmosphere (2% as dense as earth's).

No terrestrial life could survive there.
Bob D1
2012-12-24 22:00:07 UTC
NASA can't say, because the government said ... NO!

See: Mars' shiny particles: Curiosity Rover Digs Up Unidentified Materials, NASA Scientists say

See: Scientists Speculate on top-secret Mars Rover discovery


We will never hear another word out of NASA about Curiosity's discovery. It's Roswell all over again.

Best regards
Bob L
2012-12-24 20:50:58 UTC
On the surface--no. Our rovers as of yet cannot penetrate deep enough to confirm.
2012-12-24 21:36:11 UTC
Yes, it was discovered and was to be revealed in December but the US government shut that down quickly
2012-12-24 20:04:25 UTC
so far nothing, but that is a possibility

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